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With Blockli, you can create BuddyBoss app screens with AI

Transform Your BuddyBoss App with Custom Post Blocks

Unlock the full potential of your BuddyBoss app with our – Custom Post Block Generation. Our dynamic block generation engine revolutionizes the way you create and manage content within the BuddyBoss platform. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can now compile blocks for your custom posts directly from your WordPress dashboard. No coding, no hassle, just complete creative freedom.

No Code, Just Creativity

Gone are the days of complex coding and tedious design processes. Our no-code solution empowers you to design like a pro with minimal effort. Whether you're creating a vibrant community or a thriving online learning platform, your content comes to life with native custom blocks designed specifically for the BuddyBoss app.

We believe in the power of native design. That's why our initial release includes a range of native BuddyBoss app blocks and a native post directory screen. Provide your users with a seamless experience across all post screens with elements that are built to perform and designed to impress.

Personalized Features for Every Custom Post

Custom Post Integration gives you control over your app's content as never before. Customize to your heart's content, create compelling content, and watch your community grow. With our dynamic block generation engine, the only limit is your imagination.

It's as simple as drag and drop. Say hello to efficiency and innovation right at your fingertips. Join us in redefining community engagement with Custom Post Integration.

Extended Features

The Blockli Custom Post Block Plugin takes content management to the next level with the integration of the Blockli Utilities addon. This powerful extension empowers app owners with advanced access controls, allowing for the precise targeting of content to specific audiences. Additionally, it enhances the overall performance and reliability of content delivery through API caching, ensuring a smooth and fast experience even during periods of high traffic. This combination of features transforms the app into a more dynamic, responsive, and user-centric platform, setting a new standard for community engagement and interaction.

Push Notification

Engage your community with automatic custom post push notifications


Control content visibility with exclusive access settings


Quick content loading times and reduced server load.

Great product and a dedicated team!

I use Blockli for a almost a year now... I do love the Developer's dedication to the product and how it's being improved with each iteration. I'm also into the new streamer feature that is truly a game changer in terms of running your own streaming platform based on WordPress and BuddyBoss.

Martin Harmony

BuddyBoss App Owner

Greatly enhanced the way my app looks

Blockli has greatly enhanced the way my app looks giving it more professional look and design. When Buddyboss is thinking Blockli is making )) Great combo!

Алена Старовойтова

BuddyBoss App Owner

Do yourself a favor. Get Blockli!

Blockli has allowed me to optimize my app's layout in more ways than I can count. Using Blockli I can easily organize a lot of content at the tip of my customer's fingers. Before Blockli, the content was buried in sub-menus which stifled interaction and engagement. Blockli listens to customer feedback and releases new features fast. Support is also above and beyond. I'm a massive fan of Blockli.

Cody Lamen

BuddyBoss App Owner

Great product and a must-have for…

Great product and a must-have for anyone using the BuddyBoss app. Philip and his team go the extra mile to resolve any issues and have been very responsive.

Jeff Hester

BuddyBoss App Owner

Blockli is an amazing addition to our…

Blockli is an amazing addition to our BuddyBoss app. It has greatly extended the functionality and is super easy to use. The support is fanstastic, Philip and his team are incredibly supportive. We really recommend Blockli 🤗💚

David Flynn

BuddyBoss App Owner

Ready to bring your custom posts in your BuddyBoss App?

Download the Blockli Custom Post Block Plugin for BuddyBoss App today and transform the way you manage and present your content.

14-day refund guarantee, no questions asked.

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