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Blockli Streamer for BuddyBoss App

Unlock the Potential of Your Video Content in the BuddyBoss App

Transform your video content delivery into an exceptional experience with Blockli Streamer. This powerful OTT video streaming solution is meticulously crafted to fit the needs of various professionals. Whether you’re an educator looking to bring lessons to life, a fitness instructor guiding workouts from afar, an artist sharing creations globally, or a business owner aiming to enhance corporate training, Blockli Streamer integrates seamlessly into the BuddyBoss app, catering to your unique needs.


Blockli Streamer is a versatile video streaming solution that serves a myriad of industries, enabling you to forge a more profound connection with your audience. Discover the possibilities and how Blockli Streamer can amplify engagement across various sectors:

Netflix-Style Video Experience

Revolutionize the educational experience by delivering interactive and engaging video content directly to students. Ideal for schools, universities, and independent educators, Blockli Streamer simplifies the virtual classroom, making learning accessible and dynamic.

Fitness & Wellness

Elevate your fitness regime by offering on-demand training sessions, wellness workshops, and personalized health coaching through video. Engage your community with high-quality streams that motivate and inspire.

Artistic Showcase

Give your art the platform it deserves. Artists and performers can share their work, from gallery exhibitions to recipies, reaching a wider audience and offering a new dimension to artistic expression.

Spiritual & Faith

Nurture the soul by sharing spiritual guidance and teachings. Stream sermons, meditations, and discussions that inspire and foster a sense of community and connectedness.


Deliver entertainment right to the screens of your audience. Concerts, stand-up specials, and exclusive performances can now be streamed directly, creating memorable experiences that resonate with viewers.

Corporate Training

Enhance corporate education with Blockli Streamer by hosting webinars, training sessions, and workshops that drive professional development and growth within your organization.

A Showcase of Versatility:
Blockli Streamer UI

Dive into a world where versatility meets visual appeal with multiple UI templates from Blockli Streamer. Our user interface is crafted to provide not just functionality but also the finesse that captivates. Each template is a testament to our commitment to providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

14-day refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Extended Features

Push Notification

Keep your community updated and engaged. Configure custom push notifications to alert users within the BuddyBoss app whenever new content goes live. This proactive communication ensures your audience never misses out on the latest videos, enhancing engagement and retention.


Tailor the viewing experience with sophisticated access controls that empower you to manage who sees your content. Restrict or grant access to videos based on membership levels, creating an exclusive environment for your premium users.


Performance is paramount. That's why Blockli Streamer boosts your content delivery with BuddyBoss API caching, enhancing reliability and speed. Your audience enjoys a seamless and swift streaming experience, free from the frustrations of buffering and load delays.


Performance is paramount. That's why Blockli Streamer boosts your content delivery with BuddyBoss API caching, enhancing reliability and speed. Your audience enjoys a seamless and swift streaming experience, free from the frustrations of buffering and load delays.

Tailored Your App with Customizable App Blocks

With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, tailor every aspect of your app's layout and design to create a user experience that's as unique as your brand. From color schemes to font choices, curate a visual journey that captivates your audience.

Stream on Your Terms with On-Demand Video Streaming

Our On-Demand Video Streaming feature defies time zones and busy calendars, offering a collection of videos that are ready when your users are. Smooth, uninterrupted playback ensures your content is not just streamed; it's savored.

Unmatched Quality with HLS Video Streaming

Elevate your videos with the highest streaming standards. HLS Video Streaming guarantees adaptive streaming for optimal quality across all devices. Buffer-free, crystal-clear playback that adjusts to the viewer's bandwidth means your content remains impeccable—every frame, every time.

Seamless Viewing with Native BuddyBoss App Video Player

Say goodbye to clunky browser redirects and enjoy a streamlined, in-app viewing experience. With our native player, users stay immersed in your ecosystem, ensuring a consistent and fluid content journey from the first tap to the final credit roll.

Versatile Video Hosting Compatibility

Great product and a dedicated team!

I use Blockli for a almost a year now... I do love the Developer's dedication to the product and how it's being improved with each iteration. I'm also into the new streamer feature that is truly a game changer in terms of running your own streaming platform based on WordPress and BuddyBoss.

Martin Harmony

BuddyBoss App Owner

Greatly enhanced the way my app looks

Blockli has greatly enhanced the way my app looks giving it more professional look and design. When Buddyboss is thinking Blockli is making )) Great combo!

Алена Старовойтова

BuddyBoss App Owner

Do yourself a favor. Get Blockli!

Blockli has allowed me to optimize my app's layout in more ways than I can count. Using Blockli I can easily organize a lot of content at the tip of my customer's fingers. Before Blockli, the content was buried in sub-menus which stifled interaction and engagement. Blockli listens to customer feedback and releases new features fast. Support is also above and beyond. I'm a massive fan of Blockli.

Cody Lamen

BuddyBoss App Owner

Great product and a must-have for…

Great product and a must-have for anyone using the BuddyBoss app. Philip and his team go the extra mile to resolve any issues and have been very responsive.

Jeff Hester

BuddyBoss App Owner

Blockli is an amazing addition to our…

Blockli is an amazing addition to our BuddyBoss app. It has greatly extended the functionality and is super easy to use. The support is fanstastic, Philip and his team are incredibly supportive. We really recommend Blockli 🤗💚

David Flynn

BuddyBoss App Owner

Frequently asked questions

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Blockli Streamer is an Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming solution integrated with the BuddyBoss app, enabling content creators to deliver high-quality video content to their audience across various platforms.

Seamless Synchronization for Non-Coders

Blockli Streamer is designed to integrate flawlessly with the BuddyBoss app, simplifying the path from content creation to content delivery. Our straightforward setup process interlinks your custom code repository with the BuddyBoss codebase, removing the need for complex coding or development management.

No Coding, No Hassle

  • Streamlined Setup: We’ve cut down the technical steps to a user-friendly process that can be completed in minutes, not hours.
  • Developer-Free Maintenance: Once integrated, Blockli Streamer maintains the connection, freeing you from the ongoing need for technical oversight.
  • Focus on Content, Not Complexity: With the technicalities handled, you can devote your energy to what truly matters—creating and managing your content.

Unlock the Power of Video Streaming

Immerse into the Blockli Streamer experience where ease meets excellence, allowing you to transform your BuddyBoss app into a dynamic video streaming platform without ever touching a line of code.

You can stream a variety of content including educational courses, fitness workouts, spiritual sessions, entertainment shows, artistic performances, and corporate training videos.

Advanced Access Control and Secure Tokenization

Blockli Streamer takes your content security seriously. With our platform, you have the power to control exactly who has access to your videos. Through advanced access controls, you can restrict or grant access based on user membership levels, creating an exclusive viewing experience and protecting your premium content.

Token Authentication with BunnyCDN: Furthermore, Blockli Streamer supports BunnyCDN token authentication, which fortifies your video URLs. This means your videos are locked and can only be played within the app, safeguarding against unauthorized access or downloads. The token system ensures that only authenticated requests can fetch your content, making your videos virtually inaccessible to piracy or unauthorized sharing.

With Blockli Streamer, you can be confident that your video content is not only delivered efficiently but also remains secure and exclusively available to your intended audience.

Blockli Streamer is primarily designed for on-demand video streaming. For live streaming capabilities, please contact our support for the latest updates and solutions.

With Blockli Streamer, you can configure custom push notifications that inform users within the BuddyBoss app when new videos are published, ensuring your audience stays up-to-date.

Webhook integration allows Blockli Streamer to communicate with external applications and automate actions such as content updates, user engagement analytics, and more, enhancing the functionality of your app.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any technical queries. You can reach out to us through the support section on our website or directly via email.

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