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With Blockli, you can create BuddyBoss app screens with AI

Blockli Stories for BuddyBoss App

Blockli Stories redefines storytelling in the BuddyBoss App. It’s a video-first format that captivates audiences with tappable pages, combining video, images, and text to create a seamless narrative experience. From heartfelt narratives to educational content, Blockli Stories make every idea unforgettable.

Immerse your audience in a world where your ideas come alive with videos, images, and texts, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Perfect for creators, marketers, educators, and storytellers.



Similar to Youtube and Facebook, engage audiences with interactive content.


Combine video, audio, and images for a rich narrative.


Ideal for various content types and storytelling needs.


Start with a creative, eye-catching poster design.

Begin by designing a captivating poster that grabs attention. This is your first point of engagement with your audience, the visual invitation to your story. Use high-impact images, bold titles, and a color scheme that reflects the mood of your narrative. Your poster should hint at the story’s theme, compelling viewers to tap and explore more.


Unfold Your Story with an Engaging Video

Your cover page is the dynamic gateway to your story, featuring a compelling video that sets the narrative tone. This is your opportunity to hook your audience with a visually and emotionally engaging introduction. Choose or create a video that encapsulates the essence of your story - be it a captivating scene, a teaser, or a creative montage. This video should intrigue viewers, offering a glimpse into the journey they're about to embark upon with your story.


A series of engaging story pages.

This is where the heart of your story unfolds. Create a series of interactive pages that tell your story in a visually engaging and narratively coherent manner. Combine different types of content - text, images, quotes, or interactive elements like quizzes and polls. Each page should seamlessly lead to the next, keeping your audience engaged and curious to tap through to the end.

Great product and a dedicated team!

I use Blockli for a almost a year now... I do love the Developer's dedication to the product and how it's being improved with each iteration. I'm also into the new streamer feature that is truly a game changer in terms of running your own streaming platform based on WordPress and BuddyBoss.

Martin Harmony

BuddyBoss App Owner

Greatly enhanced the way my app looks

Blockli has greatly enhanced the way my app looks giving it more professional look and design. When Buddyboss is thinking Blockli is making )) Great combo!

Алена Старовойтова

BuddyBoss App Owner

Do yourself a favor. Get Blockli!

Blockli has allowed me to optimize my app's layout in more ways than I can count. Using Blockli I can easily organize a lot of content at the tip of my customer's fingers. Before Blockli, the content was buried in sub-menus which stifled interaction and engagement. Blockli listens to customer feedback and releases new features fast. Support is also above and beyond. I'm a massive fan of Blockli.

Cody Lamen

BuddyBoss App Owner

Great product and a must-have for…

Great product and a must-have for anyone using the BuddyBoss app. Philip and his team go the extra mile to resolve any issues and have been very responsive.

Jeff Hester

BuddyBoss App Owner

Blockli is an amazing addition to our…

Blockli is an amazing addition to our BuddyBoss app. It has greatly extended the functionality and is super easy to use. The support is fanstastic, Philip and his team are incredibly supportive. We really recommend Blockli 🤗💚

David Flynn

BuddyBoss App Owner

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